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Use these calculators to help you determine how to best use your hard-earned money. Feel free to contact Gunnison Savings & Loan representatives if you need help using these calculators, or if you need assistance acquiring a loan or savings product to assist you in your financial goals.

Concerned about account coverages?

Use this handy calculator to check account coverage. www.myfdicinsurance.gov.

Mortgage Amortization

Input your principal balance, interest rate, and the length of your loan to calculate your monthly payment. Review Your Mortgage Amortization Now

College Savings

How many years do you have? How much education are we looking at? Given current market conditions, what do you estimate your yield to be? Answer those questions, and you'll find out how well you'll do on this test to get your kids through college. Take Your College Prep Exam


Indicate your current balance, monthly contribution, years to withdrawal, how long you'll be drawing retirement funds, your estimated yield, estimated inflation, projected increases in contributions, and desired monthly withdrawal at retirement. See How Ready You Are For Retirement