GS&L History

Our History.

The idea for the local Savings and Loan Cooperative was first conceived by H.W. Endner, who served on its first finance committee in 1911 at the age of 29. Early records indicate that the books and accounts for the firm were originally kept at Endner's business office. The first Board of Directors was composed of C.W. Winslow, E.M. Collins, W.W. McKee, P.J. Hurley, E.G. Palmer, H.W. Endner, and S.J. Miller.

The purpose of the new company was outlined as "a savings, loan, and building business." At the time of its opening, the Gunnison News-Champion predicted that "there should be no sort of doubt about its financial success. It will be a decided gain to the progress of Gunnison to have local cash put up to help local men build homes which they can pay for in easy monthly installments."

Gunnison Savings & Loan did indeed succeed. It survived the Depression and, in 1960, exceeded $1,000,000 in assets. As of September 2022 total assets are now $110,000,000.

After 111 years of serving the community, Gunnison Savings & Loan has helped many residents of Gunnison, Crested Butte, Lake City, and the surrounding areas to purchase homes and operate local businesses. The directors, staff, and officers express their appreciation to our local business partners and loyal members for your support over the years. We look forward to continuing to meet your financial needs with the excellent service you have come to expect from Gunnison Savings & Loan.