Debit Card Limits

Debit Card Security Limits

Gunnison Savings and Loan Debit Cards are issued to qualified customers as an added feature and convenience. There are no fees or service charges for Debit Cards. Replacement fee for lost or stolen cards may apply. Gunnison Savings and Loan engages security programs that monitor Debit Card customers’ transactions. These security programs may restrict transactions from processing on your account. Risk scoring by transaction type, frequency and location help decide if fraudulent activity may be attempting to process. Our security helps prevent fraudulent transactions from processing in your account.

If suspicious activity is discovered and your Debit Card becomes restricted, GS&L personnel or other processor personnel will contact you to verify suspicious transactions. They will never ask you for personal information that can be compromised. They will never ask your entire Debit Card account number or your GS&L account number.

The following Daily Limits are maximum dollar amounts for GS&L Debit Card transactions. Daily limits include authorizations and/or holds that may be pending:

Debit Card Limits in Gunnison Area:

  • $500 limit cash ATM withdrawal per day
  • $500 limit Pinned Purchases (POS) / Credit

Debit Card Limits Outside Gunnison:

  • $500 limit Pinned Purchases.
  • Limited Credit type purchases
  • Restricted Pay at the Pump in FL, TN, LA, GA, NY, CA.
  • $100 Limit ATM withdrawal in CA, NY, NJ, PA and all Foreign Countries:

All Foreign Country E Commerce is restricted.

Any type of Internet Gambling or Internet Gaming is restricted.

Protect Yourself

  • Always keeps your Debit Card in a Safe Place.
  • Always keep your Personal Identification Number (PIN) in a safe place and never write it on your card or store it with the card.
  • Call 833-462-0798 to report a lost or stolen Debit Card.
  • Always observe your surroundings before using your Debit Card at an ATM. Do not use “stand alone” ATM locations
  • If you see anyone or anything suspicious while conducting an ATM transaction, cancel your transaction and leave immediately.